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"The loneliest moment in someones life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly."F. Scott Fitzgerald (via fuckyeahbestquotes)

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that double standered shit pisses  me off

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I’m a mess

Everything is falling apart and I’m just trying to keep it together but I can’t.

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I miss having friends to joke around with

To laugh and be silly with, I miss going to the park and playing stupid games and watching the stars, I miss movie nights, I miss being able to hit anyone up and just chill.

The few amazing friends I’m blessed with live so far..

I hate how sad I get when I think about the past. How it will always affect me.

I miss those protective friends and people I could spend hours with and not get tired of…

I wish my friends lived close to me, so we could do all that.

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Sometimes I let my fears and emotions get the best of me.

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Love this purple gray skirt matched with light blush ribbon heels. Perfect for engagement photos.