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I need to learn to standup for myself

Quit apologizing.
Quit turning everything around on myself just to stop something.

I need to stop caring

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Yup. Those are the feels at the moment kicking in,

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Sometimes you have to let go

Even if it hurts..

Especially when it hurts.

You hurt me more then anyone else has…that’s a scary statement

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I am so thankful for my followers!!

Y’all make me feel better when the world is crumbling around me.


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I’m in love with this picture.
Anonymous: If I come off anon you'll ignore me. It always I swear it ALWAYS happens on here, kik and even dating sites. I'm gonna be perfect enoyhj to talk to you and not fear you ignoring me! Anyway have a good day (:

Have an amazing day:) I really wish you would come off of anon though..but it’s up to you! ❤️ love you either way

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Anonymous: I was trying to talk to you. I don't think you wanted to talk to me :/ anyway I miss u x3

Why don’t you come off of anon so we can talk? :)

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Anonymous: Hey gorgeous how are ya

hey :) im doing so good right now.. lol i’m supposed to be studying but im procrastinating. 

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